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Welche Sonnenbrille zum Springen?
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THEMA: Welche Sonnenbrille zum Springen?

Welche Sonnenbrille zum Springen? 2 Monate her #21027

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Da die klassiche Sprungbrille ja zwischen "old school" und uncool eingestuft wird, springen viele gerne mit einer Sonnenbrille. Auf eine entsprechende Anfrage in einem US-Forum hab ich mal zusammengestellt, worauf man achten sollte, wenn man sich eine Sonnenbrille zum Springen zulegen will.

The most important point is that the shape of the glasses fits the shape of your face. For me, Gatorz never worked, too much space between the frame and my face, far too windy.
Trying the glases of another instructor, I found that WileyX fit my face perfectly.

Quite important is the thickness of the temples. Thick temples are a pain when you put the glasses on while wearing a full face helmet, and can cause discomfort and pain when wearing an open face helmet, as the temples are pressed against your skin/skull.

Another nice to have point is if the glasses are set up for the use with a neckband. As you don't want to lose your glasses in freefall, I recommend the use of a neckband. Some brands like Gatorz depend on an aftermarket slip over neckband. I don't like this solution, as I don't need a neckband when driving a car or just hanging around at the DZ on a sunny day. I prefer glasses where the temples are set up in a way that you can snap a neckband on and off in no time.

Another nice to have is a gasket. This is a foam frame you can clip on your glasses when it get really windy or dusty, you can call it a facial seal. Depending on the jump I do, I sometimes additionally put it on the glasses, with a good designed pair of glasses this is done in about 5 seconds.

What about correction lenses. Is the pair of glasses you want to choose capable of getting some corrective lenses installed? Or does it have the possibility to clip another small frame with corrective lenses on the inside of the glasses?

Last but not least I prefer the lenses to be impact rated. While doing camera above bigways, I had a lot of near missed with even things like hook knives and metal reserve handles. So I am only wearing glasses which are impact rated according to EN.166 or ANSI Z87.1. This feature also comes handy when you have a crah landing. Glas splinters from a broken lense in the eyes, just because you want to buy some cheap, not impact rated glasses? Impac trated glasses then can also be used at the shooting range.

But very last and for sure least, always remember: First rule - look cool.
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